Many people often wonder if there is any difference between the traditional vape coils and the replacement types. Well, when vaping, you are bound to realize the following differences:

1. Difference in Changing the Coil

The traditional vape coil allows you to change the whole coil, inclusive of the metal sleeve. On the other hand, the new replacement vape coil allows you to only change the heating part as you get to keep the metal sleeves. This saves you on effort and material as the metal sleeve is not wasted, and can be reused. This notable difference is a motivational factor that highlights the steps the industry has taken to ensure quality and convenience to the common smoker.

2. E-juice Taste Difference

It’s obvious that coils go bad with time. The e-juice is prone to vaporization and needs replacement to maintain the quality taste and flavor of the e-cigarette. The traditional vape coil does not allow changing of the e-juice until it is totally used up. If you continue to use this vape coil, the vapor tastes unpleasant more like the e-cigarette is burnt. On the other side, the replacement vape coil allows you to replace the e-juice each time you notice a difference in taste or flavor.

3. Cost Difference

If you are looking at saving on cost, you should go for the replacement vape coil over the traditional one. This is because the replacement vape allows you to replace the core only as opposed to the whole unit. In this case, you only incur the cost of replacing the coil and not the cost of the whole unit as applies to the traditional vape coil. According to some of the best e-juice reviews, vapers are looking for affordability and quality in one package. If there is a way to save money, I believe you will consider such an option. By and large, the saving opportunities of using the replacement coil are many and you should capitalize on that.

4. Compatibility Difference

If you want convenience, the replacement vape coil allows you to enjoy flexible usage. With this coil, you can change the e-juice flavor at will without compromising the performance of your e-cigarette. As for the traditional vape coil, once purchased, you don’t have the freedom of changing the flavor of the juice unless you change the whole kit. This kind of liberty allows you to enjoy different flavors based on preference and want.

Taking Care of Your Vaping Coil

Now that you understand the difference between the traditional and replacement vape coils, you need to know how to keep your coil clean and make it last longer. Generally, taking good care of your electronic cigarettes equipment often play an integral role in the performance of your e-cig or vape. Like any other equipment out there, at some point, you may find that your replacement coil isn’t working normally as it used to, or it has just become unreliable. You can avoid such unfortunate situations by using a few maintenance tips, including:

• Strive to Always Clean the Gunk off Your Vape Coils: e-cig coils often get dirty as you vape. However, when they do, it doesn’t make economic sense to always opt for a new replacement coil. Instead, you can use a cotton bud or microfiber cloth to wipe the debris and the gunk off the coils.

• Clean the Whole Equipment Occasionally: It is not just vape coils that need regular cleaning; it is highly recommended to clean the whole vaping device at least once every 2-3 weeks. If you are a heavy vaper, you need to do a more rigorous cleaning schedule. Cleaning your device with soft cloths, cotton buds, and some rubbing alcohol will go a long way in preventing residue from building up inside.

• Keep the Device away from Direct Sunlight: Keep your vaping equipment from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. High levels of heat will not alter the appearance and functionality of the coil and the e-cig tank but will also heat up the e-juice inside and cause leakages.


The differences between the traditional vape coils and the replacement coils are clear. As a current smoker, you are able to fully understand the distinctions if you happen to use both coils. If you ask me, I think the advantages of the replacement coils are many if compared to the traditional coils. As discussed above, this is in reference to taste, cost, compatibility, and coil change.